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What is (CMP) ?

 The Certified Management Professional Program has an internationally accredited certification that proves the trainee has professional business skills and thus may outperform the largest businessmen in the world, and is expected to lead his work to the top. The holder of the CMP certification is a professional that seeks to achieve excellence and is committed to meet all the criteria of a business professional.
Workshops, lectures, simulation sessions and practical sessions work to provide the training and education environment which will help in strengthening the capabilities of the trainee. The certification test measures knowledge and skills that have been learned in the program. The program was created through analyzing jobs tasks on the level of international companies in many systems and through consultation with key representatives of the companies, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the program and to increase the possibility of its application and use. This ensures mastery of trainees to their jobs tasks as the hands-on training and direct contact of the work environment does.
Values and benefits of CMP Certification
  • Internationally accredited program that helps employees develop the core skills which they need to do their jobs with high efficiency.
  • Internationally accredited certificatethatauthenticatesthe business professionals and develop their skills.
  • The program was created by jobs tasks on the sectors level and between many systems.
  • The CMP program is a testament on the enterprise level and non-specific to the field of the professional business managers.
We, at the ITEA organization are committed to:
  • Ensure the preparation and development of accreditations and make it suitable during the continuing education policies.
  • Develop the international work skills standards.
  • Formation of relationships with business professionals.
  • Provide the educational content and international certificates.
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