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Certification Training EXAMS FAQ Partner

Q: What is our certification?

A: The International Training and Education Association is a knowledge-centered organization committed to the training and certifying of business professionals to international standards.

We have 3 programs, you can take certification after you passed courses:

1- Certified Management Professional (CMP).

2- Certified Professional Manger (CPM).

3- Human Resources Specialist (HRS).

Q: What does ITEA offer?

A: ITEA offers to employers and the managers a simple and reliable program that can be integrated into the recruitment and staffing processes, to increase the skilled workforce at a reduced time and cost.

A: ITEA offers to the professional a certified program to provide skills accreditation.


Q: Are CPM+CMP+HRS certifications for me?

A:Yes, because hands-on training and experience lead to better jobs and a better on-the-job performance.

Yes, as many professional pursue their careers in the workplace, there is a need to differentiate between "ordinary employment seekers" and "certified professionals", who are in pursuit of excellence.

Yes, candidates who demonstrate technical skills and Business skills with a widely recognized certification are on the path to excellence and professional development.

Yes, industry standards, business ethics and certification of professionals become critical to ensure that higher performance standards are being achieved in the workplace.


Q: How do I get certified?

A: There are two steps to attain the CPM or CMP or HRS certification:


·     Attend the official courses at SAC FOR Training and Consulting, and possess course completion certificates.

·           After completing the official courses, the candidate must pass a multiple-choice scenario based certification exam ‘the CPM or CMP or HRS certification exam’ at a Parametric Authorized Testing Center.


Q: How do I sign up for the Certification exam?

A: Please contact with SAC for Training and Consulting to schedule your exam. (  http://sactr.net/nsac/en/index.php )


Q: How long does a CPM+CMP+HRS exam take?

A: It takes around one hour and a half for 60-80 Questions.



Q: what process do I go through on the exam day?

A: You should be taken the following steps:

•          Present two forms of identification; at least one must include a photograph.

•          Leave any study materials, calculators, cell phones, pagers, or other items with the exam center administrator. ITEA certification exams are closed-book, proctored examinations.

•          Take the computer-based certification examination. The examination may include brief surveys, which will not count against your examination time.

•          Achieve the passing score requirements for the exam.


Q: When do I receive my certificate?

A:you will receive the certification 10-15 days after passing the exam.


Q: What is the exam format?

A: CPM + CMP + HRS exams consist of 60-80 multiple choice questions.


Q: Can I take an exam more than once?

A: There is no limit on the number of times the CMP or CPM or HRS exam can be repeated. However, the same fee applies to each exam.


Q: If I don't pass an exam, can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are not available for failing exam scores or missed exam appointments.




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