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What is (CPM)?

Certified Professional Manager Program is an international program that proves that every trainer possesses the professional manager skills and is expected to lead his business to the top. Whoever enrolls in the CPM program, is a manager that is seeking to achieve professionalism, distinction, excellence and is committed to overcome all the special standards of managers.
Each position of a manager includes a core set of business and technological components that requires managers to develop their Information technology skills and business skills. Due to the large number of those seeking to get jobs and higher positions, the idea of the need to distinguish between “normal managers" and "professional business managers" has come.
CPM program offers this kind of excellence as it certifies that a professional business manager can show a range of technical and business skills through an internationally recognized program. Thus, the professional managers will have taken a step on the path of excellence and professional development.
Main goals for the Certified Professional Manager:
  • Getting maximum result with the least financial cost.
  • Increase the efficiency of productivity.
  • Strengthen the welfare and prosperity of the business owners and staff at the same time.
  • Improve the human resources and social justice in the work environment.
Features of Certified Professional Manager
  • His administration is goal oriented
  • Integrates all the human resources available in the establishment.
  • Manages the establishment’s material and financial resources in a thoughtful and successful way.
  • Manages continuously and interactively, and responds to all the variables that might occur in the internal work environment.
  • Dynamic and interactive management in the establishment with integrity.
Values and benefits of CPM Certification;
  • Internationally accredited program that helps manager develop the core skills which they need to do their jobs with high efficiency.
  • Internationally accredited certificate that authenticates the professional manager and develop his skills.
  • The program was created by analyzing managers tasks on the sectors level and between many systems.
  • The CPM program is a testament on the enterprise level and non-specific to the field of the professional business managers.
We, at the ITEA organization are committed to:
  • Ensure the preparation and development of accreditations and make it suitable during the continuing education policies.
  • Develop the international work skills standards. 
  • Formation of relationships with business professionals.
  • Provide the educational content and international certificates.
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