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Certification Training EXAMS FAQ Partner


  What is CPM?

The Certified Professional Manager program (CPM) is an international industry credential that validates and develops the business professional through training, readying the professional for the international business world. 



  What is CMP?

The Certified Management Professional Program (CMP) has an internationally accredited certification that proves the trainee has professional business skills and thus may outperform the largest businessmen in the world, and is expected to lead his work to the top.




 What is HRS?

The human resources specialist (HRS) is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, policies and practices related to the human resources management and to develop their skills in planning and implementing the systems and policies of human resources.






Learning & Development Solutions

Providing the correct training solution is critical to your business success. That is why ITAE work closely with key stakeholders to ensure you receive a programme that is built around your development needs rather than try and match your requirements with our own pre-built package. We realise that everyone is different.

We understand that it is the capability of your workforce that will truly drive the results of your business and so our key focus is the provision of measurable training that is clearly supported throughout with coaching and support for all individuals involved in the development programme.

Any development intervention created and implemented by ITAE will meet the needs of both the organisation it is developed for and the audience that receive it. Most of all, we get results.

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